Oakwood Academy strives to provide a structured yet relaxed and loving atmosphere for children. We believe that children learn best through hands on activities, so we implement a “Learn through Play” program whenever possible. Children follow a daily block schedule and are transitioned from one activity to the next based on their age and they are given ample opportunity to choose their activities. This gives them a sense of autonomy and self- control. Although they are taught the basics: letters, numbers, colors, simple math, shapes and introduction to reading and writing, we also focus heavily on good social skills, which is imperative to success in school. We provide a kindergarten prep program for pre-school children preparing to start school. Our program is based on recommendations from Kindergarten teachers in the AISD and we have a very positive reputation among AISD educators.

Program Descriptions

We follow the parents written schedule for children under 12 months of age. Infants are rotated through activities in order to support physical mobility, fine motor skill, and cognitive learning.

Objectives for 12-23 month old children includes simple sign language to encourage them to share the needs and emotions that they cannot yet verbalize. They also learn basic shapes, colors, numbers and social skills through organized play.

Objectives for this age are focused around autonomy. Learning to do things for themselves is very important at this age. This class also builds on what they learned as toddlers. They continue to learn basic shapes, letters, colors, numbers and add the recognition of their names. We also work on physical skills like running, hopping and clapping through music and play.

Building on what was taught in the 2’s program, the Three year olds begin to write or draw letters, numbers, shapes, and their names. We also begin to stress the importance of listening and following simple instructions. Playing well with our friends and learning to share is another important focus at this age. Worksheets and long periods of time sitting at a table are discouraged, but they are introduced to beginning math, reading, science, art and social skills through creative play.

The 4 year olds begin preparation for kindergarten. We based our pro- gram on suggestions from AISD kindergarten teachers. This age begins to learn to sit for school work for longer periods of time. While we still utilize the Learn through Play approach as much as possible, we try to ensure that the children enter kindergarten properly prepared. Objectives in this class include, recognizing all letters, shapes, colors, numbers and writing their names legibly. We begin sight words, letter sounds, and reading simple sentences. We also introduce simple math, and science concepts. We focus a lot of our attention on things that will improve the child’s self esteem and help them to feel confident in the “Big School” atmosphere.