Parent Handbook

We are looking very forward to your child(ren) attending our Academy. It is our goal to provide a safe, educational and fun atmosphere for your children. In order to do so we must all abide by the same policies. Please remember that we have an open door policy and any concerns, questions or comments are always welcomed. We are guided by, but not limited to the Minimum Standards set forth by the State of Texas. Parents may come to the center at any time from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm without notice to observe their child and our operation. We Pledge that the Care and Nurturing of your Children are our First Priority, and it is our goal to help children learn through play. All children regardless of race, or religion are welcomed. Please take the time to read this handbook carefully and sign the last page and return it to the office ASAP.

Thank– You  Steve and Jamie Mello, Proprietors



All important and required papers must be filled out and turned in prior to your child's first day: Those papers include

  • Complete Registration Packet which includes personal information, authorization for
  • emergency medical attention, transportation and water activity consent form, Good health statement from doctor or parent, special needs statement and fee
  • Copy of current immunizations
  • Signed acknowledgment of receipt “A Parents Guide to Day Care”
  • Signed acknowledgment of receipt of this
  • Child’s character analysis sheet
  • 1531 Form for Special Nutrition Program

First Day of School:

If your child has never attended Day Care before please feel free to come a little early and spend some time helping your child adjust. After the first day please develop a routine in the mornings to help your child prepare for the day ahead.  If your child cries when you leave please don’t keep running back to them. Within the first 10 minutes their crying will usually taper off.  If it doesn’t we will contact you and let you know.  Adjustment periods vary, but most children are fully adjusted and accustomed to the day care routine within the first 2 weeks. Please dress your child in comfortable PLAY CLOTHES.  We get dirty sometimes.

What to bring to school:  All items must be marked with your child’s name

  • A change of clothes, weather appropriate (socks and underwear) must remain at the school at all
  • A coat during the Winter
  • A swim suit, towel, bug spray and sunscreen during the Summer
  • Sleep mat and blanket
  • Favorite blanket or stuffed animal to sleep with
  • Infants and toddlers need diapers or pull ups, wipes (which are a shared commodity) and pacifier if used, bottles, sippy cup (clearly marked with permanent marker) and jarred baby food and formula if they are less than 1yr. old and not yet on a table food

What NOT to bring to school:

  • ANY toys from home, except for “show and tell”
  • Candy or other food items. We provide all snacks
  • Toy guns, pocket knives or any other dangerous object

Schedule: The Academy is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Please do not bring your child early. We need time to prepare the school for opening. Children must be picked up no later than 6:30 PM. We know that emergencies arise that are beyond your control but we still have to pay staff for the time overture. There will be a charge of $2.00 per minute per child for each minute after 6:30. Excessive tardiness will lead to loss of child care. These fees are due when you pick up your child!! Please call in advance if you see you are going to be late.

Example Schedule of your child’s day:

  • 6:30 to 8:30 -All ages combined in Big Room for
  • 8:30 to 11:00 – In age appropriate classes for studies, morning snack and play
  • 11:00 to 11:30 – Lunch
  • 11:30 to 12:00 – Potty, prepare room for nap
  • 12:00 to 2:30 – Nap and/or rest time
  • 2:30 to 3:00 – Put away mats, potty, snack
  • 3:00 to 5:30 – In age appropriate classes for studies and play
  • 5:30 to 6:00 – Some classes combined for classroom cleaning
  • 6:00 to 6:30 – All ages combined in Big Room for T.V. to await parents arrival

**weather permitting all children must have outside play. This is required by Child Care Licensing. If your child cannot participate in any part of the daily program please keep them home for the day.

Attendance: Attendance will be taken daily. If your child will not be attending please call and let us know as quickly as possible. This especially applies to School Age children who require pick up for school. It is very upsetting to be searching the school for a child you are suppose to pick up only to discover that they were not at school that day or an friend or relative has picked them up.  Also, your child must arrive at school PRIOR to 10:30 am, unless previous arrangements have been made. Children arriving after this time will be sent home for the day.

Early Dismissal: Please try to schedule your child's pick up either before or after nap time (12:00-2:30). Trying to gather a child and his/her things to leave is very disruptive to the other children.

Release of Children: The school is legally responsible for insuring that each child leaves only with an authorized adult. Students will be released only to the persons listed on the enrollment and child care forms in the students files. Appropriate written permission must be on file for each person who is allowed to pick your child up. We will not release a child without written permission from the parents and without a photo I.D from the person picking them up.

IN AN EMERGENCY ONLY: If the persons listed on your child's enrollment forms are not avail- able a parent must call and give oral permission along with a brief description of the person to whom will be picking up their child. Plus the persons name and drivers license number. They will have to show their drivers license and be able to provide the last 4 digits of the parents Social Security Number in order to take the child! If this request is made by telephone a staff member will call the parents at the number(s) listed as contact numbers on the enrollment form to confirm the request. WE HAVE TO DO WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY.

Medications: The only time medication will be dispensed at the center is between the hours of 11:30 – 12:30. Otherwise please make arrangements to come and medicate your child or give at home. The only exception to this rule is for children who have an asthma attack at school and children who have had immunization shots and are instructed by their physicians to take a pain reliever/fever reducer medication as needed.

If medication must be given at school please follow these rules:

  • Fill out and sign the medication request form at the front desk
  • ALL medicine must be labeled with your child’s name, time to be given, dose, and name of medication. Physician’s name must be on the label
  • There must be a date on directions to administer on all prescription medications
  • All over the counter medicine must have directions to administer and will not be administered differently. (i.e.. If the medicine says “Consult Physician for 2 years of age or under” we must have a note from the doctor as to how to )

ILLNESS:  Please do not bring your children to school if they have any of the following.

  • A temperature above normal. Children must be fever free for at least 24 hours before returning to
  • A rash of any kind
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Green or Yellow mucous draining from their nose and/or a severe
  • Head Lice (Must be checked by office before returning to school)
  • Eye infections, mumps, measles, strep throat, chicken pox, or any other communicable

**Children having any of the before mentioned must have a Doctors Note to return to school.

If your child becomes ill during the course of the day we will call you immediately. The child must be picked up from school within 1 hour from the time the call was made

Accidents: In the event of a serious accident parents will be notified as soon as possible. We will seek emergency treatment for the child by dialing 911. We will not transport the child to the hos- pital, this will only be done by ambulance. Payment for this care/treatment is the responsibility of the parents. We will provide emergency information from your enrollment form to the hospital/ Doctor.

Lunches and Snacks: We provide 2 nutritious snacks, breakfast and lunch for your children. Please do not send additional food or snacks for your child.  If your child is allergic to or just really opposes a certain food please let us know and we will try to accommodate them. A menu is posted on the bulletin board at the front.  All meals are served cafeteria style.

Field Trips: Off campus field trips will be arranged for children ages 3 and up only!! These field trips and any extra fees involved will be posted and announced at least one week prior to the scheduled event. We will abide by the Minimum Standards set forth by the State regarding Child/ Staff Ratio and Safety Standards

Inclement Weather: In case of bad weather Oakwood Academy Closes only if the Arlington School District closes. Please listen to the radio and television broadcast for school closing information.  We will do 2 severe weather drills a year.

Gang Free Zone: The State Law requires us to inform parents or guardians of children attending our center about the new gang-free zone within a 1000 feet of our center.

Driveway Safety and Courtesy: Please drive very slowly and careful.  Children who are exiting the building may not be paying attention.  Please be sure to pull up as far as you can to the top of the curve before exiting your car. DO NOT exit your car before passing the mailbox area. Try to pull as far left or right as possible to avoid blocking other cars passage. DO NOT PARK DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER!  Between 5 and 6 o’clock in the evening is the busiest time so if you intend to spend more than 5 minutes visiting with the staff about your child you might want to consider parking in the three spaces provided. You also might consider parking in the rear of the building and then take the Oakwood Trail to the front.

Please be patient and courteous to all other parents and family members who are picking up their children.

Discipline: In order to maintain a fun and educational environment we must enforce a discipline policy.  In the event that a child is having a behavior problem we will:

  • Speak to the child, on the child’s eye level, in a positive manner. We will discuss the
  • problem and what the child needs to do to correct
  • In the event that the talk does not correct the problem, the child will be denied privileges, such as 5 minutes of playtime, dependent upon their age and maturity
  • If the problem involves the physical injury of the another child or a staff member the child will be removed from the class immediately until the situation is diffused. If a child exhibits violent behavior  on a regular basis we will speak to the parents in the hopes of finding a solution
  • We will also try daily suspensions from the Academy. Parents may be asked to seek professional guidance for their child. If this action is taken then a reasonable amount of time will be allowed for improvement. If no solution is found and the behavior becomes an on going problem the child will be given 1 week to find another child care facility.

We have to do what is best for the well being of the other children. ***

What we will do regarding discipline:

  • We will use age appropriate consequences for unwanted behaviors
  • We will try to use preventative, not punishing techniques such as, age appropriate time outs, separation form activities, discussions on behavior, redirection to another activity
  • We will teach anger management skills
  • We will approach each child as an individual and deal with them in a way that is most appropriate for their age level and
  • We will train our staff to deal with an array of discipline
  • We will use special restraining techniques if a child is uncontrollable and in danger of hurting themselves or another student or staff member

What we will NOT do regarding discipline:

  • WE will NEVER deny food as punishment
  • WE will NEVER scream at or intimidate children
  • We will NEVER use corporal punishment
  • WE will NEVER shame or embarrass a child

***We do our best to serve all children. However, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate care, without notice or cause,  as we deem necessary.

A one time, non refundable registration fee of $75 is required per child upon enrollment. There will also be an additional $50 supply fee due on January 1st of each year. This is required of all students. Tuition is due on the Friday prior to services rendered. A $10 a day late charge will apply to all late payments. If tuition becomes over a week late the child will not be able to attend. Return Check fee is $25.00 plus $40.00 late fee. Each child will be given 2 weeks of vacation per year (2 week notice required and you must be enrolled for at least 6 months for each week). Other than those two weeks the full tuition is due even if your child does not attend. You must give at least 1 weeks notice prior to terminating your child’s enrollment with the Academy.  If you do not give notice you will be billed or have your credit card charged for 1 week of child care. If your child is absent for one week without contact from you, he/she will be withdrawn from the roll and you will have to pay that weeks tuition plus registration in order to reenroll.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to any of these policies.

Full Time Care (Birth to 4 years old) Rate
Infants (0-12mo)/Pre-Toddler  (12 to 18 month) $210.00/$200.00 per week
 Toddler (19 months to 23 months)  $185.00 per week
Two year olds  $175.00 per week
 Pre-School  3 year olds  $150.00 per week
 Pre-School 4 year olds  $145.00 per week
 AISD Pre-K Morning  $115.00 per week
 AISD Pre-K Afternoon $145.00 per week
Part Time Care (Birth to 4 years old) Rate
 Infants/Pre– Toddler (0 to 18 months)  Not Available
 Toddler – 2 day T TH  $98.00 per week
 Toddler – 3 day M W F  $142.00 per week
 Two’s —2 day T TH  $88.00 per week
 Two’s — 3 day M W F  $127.00 per week
 Pre-School (3  year olds) — 2 day T TH  $77.00 per week
 Pre-School (4 year olds) —           2 day T TH  $72.00 per week
 Pre-School (3 year olds) — 3 day M W F  $113.00 per week
 Pre-School (4 year olds) —3 day M W F  $108.00 per week
Full and Part-time care for School Age (K to 12 year olds) Rate
 School Age w/before and after school transportation  $80.00 per week
 School Age w/ after school transportation only  $75.00 per week
 School Age full day Summer/Holiday program  $130.00 per week
School Age Morning Transportation Only  $45.00 per week
Please Note.. If there are days during a regular school week that are given as Holidays by the AISD and your child stays all day you will be charged an additional $15.00 per day for the full For Full Week Holidays you must pay the *full day price regardless of the number of days your child stays at the center
Drop In Rates:
Drop in space is based on availability and even children needing drop in care must provide all the same registration information that a full or part time student provides.
Drop In Rate
 Toddler  $47.00 per day
 Two’s $45.00 per day
 3’s $40.00 per day
 4’s  $39.00 per day
 School Age  $32.50 per day

10% Sibling Discount: For each subsequent child enrolled, providing the first child pays full tuition. Discount is on lesser fee and does not apply to registration fees, supply fees or School age children.

** Tuition is subject to an increase by as much as $1 per day, but is not limited to this amount. *****Tuition does not change until the child is of age. The classroom does not determine the rate of tuition.

ADDENDEM 6/5/2010 We now only accept cash, money order, credit/debit cards for tuition payments

Misc. Fees:

  1. It is the Parents responsibility to keep the Academy informed if any changes need to be made in the child’s enrollment files. These changes may include, but are not limited to: Immuniza- tion updates, medical information, parents contact numbers, emergency numbers, pick–up lists, etc. If my files are checked by the state and any of the information provided is not current or if due to illness or emergency I discover that your contact numbers are no longer valid, you will be charged a $15 Fee. These files are essential for the well being of your child and the other children in the Academy, so please keep them current!!!
  2. If your child becomes ill at school you are required to pick them up within 1 hour. You will be charged $2.00 for every minute after the first hour has passed. The health and well being of all the children at the Academy is our number one

Misc. Information:
Enclosed in your packet is a 1531 form for the Special Nutrition Program it is imperative that this form is completed upon enrollment and returned to us so that we may receive proper funding. The Special Nutrition Program allows us to ensure that your child receives adequate nutrition. These forms are kept confidential. We strictly follow CACFP non-discrimination policies. A Civil Rights poster is displayed in foyer.

Hearing and Vision: All children age 4 and older are required to have a hearing and vision screening each year. If your child is school age you must bring us documentation stating that his/hers is on file at the school attended.

Holidays: The Center will be closed for the following paid holidays: Holidays falling on the weekend will be observed on the Monday after or Friday before.

  • New Years Eve and New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • In the event that a holiday falls on the weekend, we will be closed either the Friday before and/or the Monday after, or the day that falls closest to the holiday.

**Please note: All traditional Holidays (i.e. Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) are openly celebrated at this Academy. If you do not wish for your child to participate in holiday parties please make other child care arrangements for them during those times.
We also have optional prayers before eating lunch.

Child Abuse: We are required by Law to report ANY suspected Child Abuse. Parents may report any suspicion of abuse to the Local Licensing Office at (817)321-8611, PRS Child Abuse hot-line at 1(800)252-5400, and PRS web-site at

Parent Volunteers: We are grateful and excited when parents volunteer to help with special events and field trips. However, to do so we must run a Criminal History check on any parents wishing to volunteer. This process takes about 2 weeks, so please get with us as quickly as possible.

Referral Program: Parents will be given $50.00 off their next weeks child care for each family they refer to Oakwood Academy who enrolls as a FULL TIME student. This refers to NEW students only.  Students previously enrolled do not count.

Moonlighting Teachers: We know that many times parents ask our staff members to baby-sit their children after hours. Oakwood Academy does not allow our staff members to baby-sit after hours or transport children home with them. This is in the best interest of our business. If it is found out that a staff member has been babysitting Oakwood children, they will be automatically terminated.

Transportation: Oakwood Academy provides transportation to and from school for school age children, and to and from field trips for ages 3 through 11 years old. We do not provide transportation to and from the child’s home.

TB Testing: All staff are required to have a TB test administered upon employment with negative results. Children may have a TB test at parents discretion but it is currently not required by the State of Texas as admission requirement for childcare.

Photographs and Student Directories: We often take photographs of the children at Oakwood Academy during parties, special occasions and everyday activities. These photographs will be used on our web site, in scrapbooks and in other forms of promotional materials. We also create and distribute a “Student Directory” which includes all the CHILDRENS’ names, addresses, and phone numbers. This directory is used to assist parents with birthday invitations and play dates. It is also used by our Parent Cooperative Committee to keep all parents informed about special events and fund-raisers. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO HAVE YOUR CHILD(REN)S PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN OR NAMES AND INFORMATION IN THE STUDENT DIRECTORY YOU MUST GIVE THE OFFICE WRITTEN NOTICE WITHIN 1 WEEK OF RECEIVING THIS HANDBOOK.

Vacation reminder: Each family will receive 1 week of vacation every 6 months. During that week tuition is waived. Other than that Tuition is ALWAYS DUE IN FULL. Yes, even during holidays and inclement weather closings. thanks



UPDATED 03/11/2005

  1. Driveway Issue: We have paved the back driveway and laid gravel on the Oakwood Trail. If you are ONLY picking up a child 4 years old or older PLEASE use the back parking lot. If you have several children and ANY of them are under 4 years old please use the front parking lot. This will greatly cut down on the front driveway congestion. If the weather is bad (ie. Raining or freezing cold) everyone is welcome to use the front driveway, but we must ALL BE PATIENT and CONSIDERATE. We will not tolerate exiting your car before you pass the mailbox and/or yelling at parents who take a few more moments dropping off or picking up their children than you deem necessary.
  2. Late Tuition Payments: Tuition is always due on Friday in advance of care. We have graciously given until 12 PM Monday as a grace period. I have always been understanding of extenuating circumstances and waived the $10 a day late fee when reasonable. Here lately payments are getting later and
    I have payments trickling in all week without explanation.
    Effective IMMEDIATELY if you do not make your payments by 12 noon on Monday you will be charged a $10 a day late fee. I will not waive this fee and it must be added to the check.
  3. Children’s Personal Belongings: Please remember that we have over 90 children to take care of each It is YOUR responsibility to put your children’s belongings in their cubbies EVERY morning. It is also your responsibility to put their name on every article of clothing, cup, bottle, diapers, wipes, etc.   We do our best to keep up with your child’s things, but we can’t run from room to room everyday searching for lost items.  In the evenings, after 5:45,  all the children (except infants) are merged into the yellow (breakfast) room.  Their personal belongings will be laid out on the tables for YOU to retrieve. All left over papers will be discarded at the end of the day. These papers often have important information on them, so please be dili- gent about retrieving them.
  4. Things Children Need: Everyone knows that EVERY child needs a change of clothes on hand. Kids have accidents and often get dirty during the We try to keep extra clothes on hand for the times a child is without a change of clothes. Unfortunately, those loaned clothes RARELY come back. At the present time we are COMPLETELY out of underwear, shorts and pants.  If your child has an accident you will have to LEAVE WORK and bring them dry clothes or they will have to remain in those clothes until you pick them up. In some instances staying in the dirty clothes can pose a health and sanitation problem and will not be     permitted. THIS ALSO INCLUDES DIAPERS. WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BORROW FROM OTHER CHILDREN. IF YOUR CHILD IS OUT OF DIAPERS YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE WORK AND BRING THEM SOME.Children use an average of 6 diapers a day.  We will do our best to let you know when your child’s diaper supply is running low, but ULTIMATELY, it is your  responsibility. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, please make sure your infant has food and formula. It is very hard for them to wait for you to bring up their food when they are very hungry. WE WILL NO LONGER BORROW FROM OTHER BABIES.
  5. Communication: The front desk often has important things to share with families. We post notes, send Emails and put memo’s in children’s folders. Unfortunately these are mostly ignored. Please remember that there is only ONE of us at the desk and we can’t possibly catch every parent and talk to them Please be attentive when dropping off or picking up your child. Take the time to read new postings and PLEASE DO NOT SKIP OVER your EMAIL MESSAGES. Ignoring communications could result in misunderstanings, upsets, and inconveniences for all of us.  3’S AND 4’S PARENTS NEED TO CHECK THEIR CHILD’S FOLDERS EVERYDAY!!!!!
  6. Bringing Toys and other Items to School: It has always been our policy that children should NOT bring toys or other items from home. The ONLY exception is MOVIES for Movie Day, Show and Tell Days, and Cuddles to nap with. Although this situation has improved the NEW problem is this…. It is not our responsibility to take toys away from your children after they come through the door in the mornings. Please DO NOT ASK us to do this.  Please make them leave the items at home or in the Forcing us to make your child mind the rules really starts your child’s day off on the wrong track.
  7. Dangerous Items:   Sometimes children come to school with things that can be dangerous. We understand that sometimes parents are totally unaware, but we need you to be more conscientious. We have seen coins, medicines, cigarettes, lighters, etc. in car seats, diaper bags and pockets. Please understand that in the wrong hands these things can be deadly. Please check your child’s pockets, bags, and car seats daily.
  8. School aged Children Absent without Contact:You MUST CALL OAKWOOD if your child will not be riding the bus in the afternoon. We have 2 elementary schools to pick up from everyday and having to search for a missing child causes us to be late to the next school.  We will no longer unload the children from the bus to look for your child.  The bus driver will call the principals office to check on your child’s status and will wait for EXACTLY 5 minutes after all other chil- dren are on board the bus. If your child gets left at the school because he or she does not come to the bus YOU will have to go to the school to retrieve them. If YOU FORGET to notify Oakwood of your child’s absence more than 2 times in a school year we reserve the right to discontinue your care. Please understand it is very stressful to deal with the possibility of a missing child several days a week.
  9. Baby Room Issue:
    1) We do our very best to keep the infants out of the general population of children because they are much more susceptible to illnesses. We kindly ask that when you are picking up your infant please pick up your older child AFTER you have gathered your infant OR have the older sibling wait in the chair directly outside the baby room. Older siblings touching other babies and their toys can create health and safety issues.  Thanks for your understanding
    2) We have an open door policy at Oakwood but would like your cooperation during nap time would be appreciated. If you HAVE TO VISIT between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00 please be VERY VERY quiet. When babies naps are disturbed they are very cranky for the rest of the day.
    We also provide a place in our baby room for breast feeding.


Inclement Weather

  1. Tornado
    1. Have all children sit in
    2. Designate a teacher to get emergency blankets and emergency kit. Have children keep blankets over their heads.
  1. Electrical Storm
    1. Keep all children
    2. Turn off all televisions, radios, and
    3. Only use the phone for emergencies or incoming
  1. Flash Flood
    1. Move all children to highest room (schoolers)
    2. Count all
    3. Call 911.
    4. Contact parents and wait until all children are picked

Disruption of Utilities

  1. Contact parents IF:
    1. more than 3 hours without use of
    2. OR lack of utilities put children in harms way (extreme heat or cold)
  1. Arrange for children to be picked
  1. Wait until all children are picked
  2. Contact licensing within 24 hours.

Oakwood Academy Evacuation Procedures

Update 12/12/2006

This page must be signed and kept on file at Oakwood Academy

Accident Liability:  When dealing with children accidents can occur frequently. Although we do everything in our power to keep children safe, some accidents are inevitable and without fault. Oakwood Academy will not be held liable for any no-fault accident that involves the need for outside medical attention. Oakwood Academy may (at it’s discretion) pay for out of pocket expenses when proper documentation is presented.

Allergy Liabilities : Many children suffer from severe food allergies. Please understand that we will do our very best to protect against this happening, (removing all peanut products from our menu and consistently posting notices), occasionally a child or parent will forget and send peanut products in sack lunches or kids bring in candies in their backpacks and pockets. For those reasons we cannot be held liable for illness or injury related to allergies.

Water Park Liability Waiver: During the summer months, Oakwood Academy plans field trips to local water parks. Children ages 4-6 participate in shallow area activities only, but there are deep areas in the park. Children ages 7-12 who can demonstrate their ability to swim may participate in deep water activities that include diving boards and slides. We ONLY visit city water parks that are monitored by lifeguards. With that said, there is always the chance for accident and injury during these field trips. By signing this document you understand and agree that Oakwood Academy will not be held responsible or liable for any no-fault accident or injury.

*****I have read and understand this addendum to the Parent Handbook.

I agree to it’s content.

Parent or Guardian Signature                                                          


Update 04/07/2008

Re: Unattended Children Addendum

**This needs to be signed & returned to Oakwood to be filed.**


I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents that you and you only are responsible for your child(ren) until you physically leave Oakwood property. Please keep your child in sight at all times while you are picking up and dropping off.

Thank you,

Jamie Mello, Director/Owner


*****I have read and understand this addendum to the Parent Handbook. I agree to it’s content. 

Parent or Guardian Signature                                             


Tuition Contract and Parent Acknowledgment





I have read and understand the Oakwood Academy Policy Handbook, Especially and Specifically the sections regarding:  Attendance; Medications and Illnesses;

Discipline; Tuition and Fees; NSF Checks, Late Payment Fees, Late Pick Up Fees; Misc. Fees; Moonlighting Teachers, Vacations, Holidays, Driveway etiquette and most importantly Accident and Allergy liabilities release on page 12.

I understand that by signing this contract I am bound by its’ contents. I agree to abide by these policies and pay my fees in a timely fashion. In the event that I do not abide by these policies, I understand that my child(ren) will not be able to attend this school and will be asked to leave. I understand that these policies and fees are subject to change at the owners discretion, although the owners will do their best to announce any changes at least 10 days prior to the implementation of them.

Parent Signature                                                                             Date                                

Parents Social Security #                                                               

Parents Drivers License #                                                             

Parents D.O.B.                                              

Child(rens) Name(s)                                                                                                         


Who referred you to Oakwood Academy?




  •  Doors open @ 6:30 am sharp...No earlier.
  • Your child must be here by 10:30 am….No later. (unless you have a doctors appt./note)  You get 1 wk. Vacation for every 6 mths. ( Pls remember they cannot be here.)
  • We have parking in the back if we are congested in the front. Go down the Oakwood Trail.
  • Payments are due Friday/Monday until noon is your grace period. Late fees start accruing 12 PM Monday . ($10 a day). If  not paid by Wednesday AM with late fees, your child can not be dropped off at daycare, and if they attend public school we will not pick up (you will have to make other arrangements for your child) until full tuition plus late fees are paid . WE ACCEPT CASH, MONEY ORDERS, CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ONLY.  NO CHECKS
  • If you pick up your child after 6:30 pm, its $2 a min. per child and due the next day.
  • If called to pick up your child because of fever/vomiting, they have to be 24hrs free of symptoms with no use of medicines.
  • If child is absent/ or is being picked up from public school please call and let  daycare know.
  • If AISD is closed due to bad weather we will be closed as well. Pls watch our local news for that info. Full tuition is still due.
  • We are closed 9 days out of the year due to holidays. Full tuition is still due (please refer to handbook).
  • All personal property left on site will become property of Oakwood Academy until balance is paid in FULL.
  • We require a 1 week notice in advance if you will be unenrolling your child(ren) from Oak- wood Academy to avoid any further charges. Your credit card will automatically be charged.
  • Continuous aggressive behavior can result in suspension and or termination of child care.


Parent Signature/Date


Director Signature/Date